Marchi in Italia

CERAMICHE CISA: it was founded in 1954 in Sassuolo and is one of the first ceramic reality in Sassuolo district. At first it produced only red double-fired tiles, size 15x15 cm. But since the late '80s it has developed the production of clear single-fired tiles and red double firing tiles in all traditional sizes. Today the glazed porcelain is the main production for floor of Ceramiche Cisa, addressed to the residential market and to a medium-high segment. The qualities identifying this brand stand out in the undiscussed excellence of its products and its high-level image.

CERAMICHE RICCHETTI: it was founded in 1960. Research and aesthetics, design, quality and service are the foundations of the strategy and action of Ceramiche Ricchetti, which over the years has tended more and more towards the market and the customer service. To these different expectations Ceramiche Ricchetti replies with a complete and differentiated range which is able to comply the most various aesthetic and functional needs. Many combinations of colors, sizes, patterns with the ability to offer "complete projects" to the customer

CERAMICHE CERDISA: it was founded in 1959 in Fiorano Modenese as a manufacturer company of wall tiles in white body. In later years the production has spread and diversified, following the development of production technology implemented in the Group sites. Cerdisa has been one of the first companies to produce fine porcelain stoneware and enter with full rights into the world of the most important projects. Prestigious names as Guttuso and Versace brought Cerdisa products to the highest aesthetcs levels and to the positioning in the higher-market segment for research, creativity and quality. Cerdisa products are more and more linked to the development of contemporary living concept, which prefers functionality, versatility, but mostly design.

ROBERTO CAVALLI HOME LUXURY TILES: “luxury fashion & lifestyle” the stylist’s world on floor and wall coverings.

Marchi all'estero

Hoganas Céramiques in France. This company integrates the distribution of the products of German Klingenberg together with the production of special adhesive materials and provides complete solutions to a particular section of customer belonging to a specific agro-food sector in which it has a noticeable presence.

Hoganas Byggkeramikk AB trading, based in Oslo, distributes ceramic products of the Group.

Klingenberg Dekoramic Gmbh manufactures technical ceramic composed by fully body porcelain stoneware, shock acid and wear resistant.
Through its network of technical promoters, it also distributes the Portuguese brand Cinca. Because of its full range of technical ceramics, the Klingenberg is in the high level of the market, and thanks to a powerful identifiably of the brand it has been operating fo over 100 years in the country and among the most qualified architects.

CC Hoganas Byggkeramikk AB, a Swedish company, market leader for the marketing of ceramic and complementary products (accessories, installation materials) with a brand famous for over a century and a market share of more than 25%. Its range includes product lines for technical purpose (from food industries, to zootechnical ones and to nuclear power plants). for public and private use, for places with a high trampling, for special architectural projects and restorations, swimming pools and sports facilities, external cladding of facades.

Evers AS, Danish company market leader in the marketing of ceramic and complementary products. In Denmark the company Partek EVERS AS, located in Copenhagen, thanks to its image and its volume, represents the leader importer of ceramic tiles and accessories for the installation and it is a point of reference for architects and builders in the high level market with a share of 10-15%.

Pukkila Oy AB, manufactures and sells its local production of ceramic floor and wall tiles in all Nordic countries and it markets the Group's products in the domestic trade through its sales network. Pukkila Oy AB became a legal entity in 1874 and it has been present in Finland for more than 120 years.

Bellegrove in the United Kingdom is present with its 7 stores (Dartford, Glasgow, Hillington (Glasgow), Edinburgh, Tunbridge Wells, Strood, Bournemouth).

Cinca in Portugal, was acquired in 1998 by Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti and manufactures products in porcelain, porcelain mosaic, single fired floor and wall tiles, double firing wall tiles.
Founded in 1964 in Fiaes (near Porto) as a family business, it started its activities with the production of technical mosaic in porcelain stoneware with a size of 2,5x2,5 and thick of 3mm. Cinca has approximately 700 employees and can currently rely on six production plants, each specializing in its own production technology (glazed and unglazed ceramic floor, ceramic wall tile, third fire decorations, extruded ceramics, technical mosaic in porcelain stoneware). There is also an internal plant for grinding floor and wall tiles.