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Within its production history, Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti has never underestimated the importance of combining industrial development and environmental sustainability. In the daily management of each activity we realize a way to work in which environment and safety are integral parts of the development strategy, with the awareness that any economic objective could be responsibly pursued if not in compliance with these primary values.



ISO 9001:2008 Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti has received the ISO 9001 quality certification for their products since 1995. This is an international acknowledgement referred to the whole company’s quality system, from the entrance of the raw materials to their processing, from the distribution of its product to its roll out, annually audited by an indipendent institution.


ISO 14001:2004 ISO 14001 certification has been accorded to Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti after passing the external EMS verification audit. In 2003, the Group obtained ISO 14001 certification and it is still constantly developing its environmental policy. The achievement of this important acknowledgment denotes the engagement of Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti towards the environment.


CE Mark (“Conformité Européenne): indicates that the product meets the essential requirements about safety, public health and consumer protection required by 89/106/CEE Directive “Construction materials” and related norms (UNI EN 14411 for tiles).

CCC Certification (China Compulsory Certification): it a product certification required to export to China. It was obtained in 2008 and the company keeps maintaining it. After the achievement of the CCC certification it was possible to print CCC mark on the hollow punches destined to Chinese market. Certified products are specified in the downloadable documentation.

LEED CERTIFICATION: Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti has obtained certification LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) in 2010 and during the same year it became a member of the Italy GBC (Green Building Council).

LEED is a voluntary system based on consensus for the design, construction and managing of high performance sustainable buildings that is developing more and more at international level; it can be used on every type of building and it promotes an integrated design system inherent the whole building.

UPEC CERTIFICATION: Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti has also for years the UPEC product certification for the French market. This certification is confirmed annually by the French control institution CSTB. Certified products can be downloaded from CSTB site by typing the name of the company.

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