Company Information

Ricchetti Group is an industrial holding company active in the manufacture and sale of superficies for all requirements in architecture field, interior design and building products through floor products and wall tiles for indoor and outdoor.

It was the first companyto have chosen the way of the IPO in this sector in 1996 and it represents  the union between the experience of more than 50 years of history and the continuing search for new technological solutions.
Today the industrial development plan is linked to a brands specialization process whose strategic aim is the development of  complete and competitive products.Ricchetti Group makes use of the latest technologies respecting the best Italian  ceramic tradition. Eco-sustainability, design and  technology are the founding  features of the brands , in a polyhedric nature of offers and living solutions.

The figures speak for themselves:

  • 184 million euro of sales revenue in 2013
  • 80% of total sales deriving from exports
  • 9 production sites (2 in Italy, 7 overseas)
  • 34 showrooms under direct management
  • About 1.415employees (among them about 450 working in Italy in 2013)