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Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti at Cersaie 2017

A 1,000 sq metre space designed by Iosa Ghini Associati exposed in Bologna from September 25th to 29th for visitors to experience an important passage reinstating the ongoing international growth of Ceramiche Ricchetti Group. It incorporates many new elements alongside the consolidated working relationships with architect Massimo Iosa Ghini and Roberto Cavalli, such as the official presentation of the new partnership with Italian firm Momodesign.

Arclinea products have been used to underscore the qualities and features of Ricchetti products, furnishing kitchen-, living room-, and bathroom spaces with lighting design by Antonangeli Illuminazione.

The stand designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini continues the path started last year, with architecture interpreting the relationship with ceramics starting from the primeval elements of a constructed space, point, line and surface: a frame made up of slim beams, pillars and textured surfaces linking them, where ceramics is the protagonist. The subject of green contamination in designs for spaces also remains a central issue this year, underlining the importance of safeguarding the environment, an issue that is part of the ongoing research at Ceramiche Ricchetti Group. The idea for the layout of the spaces comes from the fluid, continuing modulation of the various collections of tiles around areas of greenery, display walls, slender columns and screens made of building site netting, which allows viewing and enjoying the stand, with direct references to the design world. The ceramic slabs around the perimeter will appear to be almost suspended, ethereal, released from the concept of a covering, free in space, forming a boundary yet inclusive at the same time, focal elements for the visual and perceptive identity that distinguishes each brand in Ceramiche Ricchetti Group, on account of their specific material and sensorial features.

A single, large, coordinated space displaying all of the Group’s brands and presenting their field of specialisation. Alongside the more established Italian brands of Cerdisa, Ricchetti, Manifattura del Duca, Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles, Ceramiche Cisa and Momodesign, there will also be the international brands of Cinca (Portugal) and Klingenberg (Germany). A hugely successful product in 2016 will provide the backdrop and link between the communal areas where the reception and meeting area are located; Craft, Iosa Ghini design for Cisa Ceramiche, a collection that starting from the graphic reworking of a gauze fabric, emphasises the weave and sheer look thanks to distinct colour contrasts.