Architecture of ceramic and light.

Massimo Iosa Ghini considers the age-old theme of dualism between material and immaterial with an installation of ceramic and light. The former, earth shaped by fire, is the paradigm of materiality; the second is a symbol of intangible thought.
The passage from material to light is expressed in the juxtaposition of the abstract beauty of the light and the “earthy”, tangible essence of the ceramic. This duality of light and material is the genesis of all creation.
The I-M-Material installation is made of a large octagon that can be entered, on which are fixed, on a mirror support, elongated ceramic tiles from the new collections of Cerdisa, which are in relationship with the venue of Cortile dei Bagni.
This historic courtyard – ancient and rooted – is an integral part of the tension between opposites. It represents the past, the “ruin”, as against the present, and freshly made materials.
The ceramic elements are the new, the fruit of technology, but at the same time they share the DNA of the ruins in which they are placed. The elongated ceramic tiles move with the movement of passers-by, while the light enhances their material qualities, making this small piece of architecture new and immaterial.