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Since 1981, when it was founded, MOMODESIGN has focused on research activity in car design and development of ideas and innovative projects in accessories lifestyle, creating a product line that helped building the image of the brand. The expertise of the Momodesign Design Studio has a proven track record in collaborations with prestigious brands on special projects, that always bear as a distinctive hallmark the style, the creativity and the important objective of spreading Italian design around the world.
Style is the added value of every MOMODESIGN creation, the elements that confer to products the unique, sophisticated and distinctive character of the Italian culture. Objects are unique and created to convey emotions, the projection of those who buy them.
The new collaboration will be presented ad Cersaie 2017. Within the Cisa space will also be the new collection MD_Edge.
MD_Edge starts from the weave of carbon fibre and deciphers its structure, which is then declined in six different shades of grey (Lead Blue Grey, Quartz Grey, Mineral White, Iridium Grey, Stone Grey, Dark Graphite), conceived and proposed by Centro Stile Momodesign and available in the formats of 80×80 cm natural, 80×80 cm patterned, 60×120 cm natural and 60×120 cm patterned. The patterns are made up of nine separate graphics, which can be combined to create highly customised designs.

Why this collaboration in the ceramic sector and why with Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti?

The collection marks the beginning of the collaboration of Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti with Centro Stile Momodesign, confirming MOMODESIGN’s interest in developing new concepts that link their brand to interior design and become the basis for studying colours, materials and simple geometries, able to create a contemporary atmosphere. We began broadening our horizons in this sector by partnering with companies, such as Reggiani, Italserramenti and Colombo Design. With the ceramics project, MOMODESIGN has the opportunity to create an identity and a style from scratch, customising a room beginning with its surfaces.
With a partner of excellence like Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti, a company whose experience is recognised internationally in the ceramic sector, MOMODESIGN has definitively consolidated its entry into interior design.
The keystones of MOMODESIGN’s philosophy are research, innovation and creativity. These qualities have led you always to design objects that are unmistakeable, personal and characterful. How did you combine all this with the characteristics of a product such as ceramics?

The diversification of projects arises from our desire to be always exploring new territory, capturing aspects of it as yet unexpressed, for a holistic future vision of design that sees in interior design the completion of the brand’s design vision.
Collaboration with Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti has resulted in a sophisticated concept of ceramics for their Cisa Ceramiche brand, for a modern, dynamic space, which totally reflects MOMODESIGN’s urban style – its trademark. A concept proposed for a contemporary lifestyle, yet adhering to the founding principles of the Cisa Ceramiche brand: ecosustainability, design and technology.

Your products are unique objects that are able to spark feeling in those who choose them. How would you describe the collections you have created for Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti? What is the unique nature and added value of every MOMODESIGN creation?

The MD_EDGE collection is different because of the material effect obtained from an almost imperceptible texturing that creates a new tactile experience. The raised texture is inspired by enlarging the regular weave of a technical textile, using soft shadowing to create unusual 3D effects, modifying our perception of the material. The decision to decorate the collection with an abstract, geometrical and linear design makes installation on large surfaces unique and sophisticated.

MD_EDGE is available in six colours, from the darkest, Stone Grey, to Mineral White, in a contemporary range of shades, with neutral, deep tones ideal for urban spaces. Its aesthetic and technical characteristics make the collection suitable both for commercial spaces, such as restaurants or museums, and for floors and walls of residential properties.

You have the special ability of understanding and anticipating market trends, focusing on product quality and innovation to create everyday objects, today’s icons looking to the future. Today’s public is extremely attentive and discerning. What should they expect from your first collection created for the Cisa Ceramiche brand?

We are inspired by cities, by their constant evolution and creation of new trends. This is our starting point for developing new objects enriched with design, style and functionality to meet the new needs and new expectations that arise. We have designed a unique, across-the-board concept, created for a contemporary lifestyle: MD_EDGE is made of through-body vitrified porcelain tiles, with rectified edges and natural finish, and can be used on both floor and wall.
Presented in two large formats, 60×120 cm and 80×80 cm, the collection has two versions: one with texture only – essential, striking material; another that is decorative and sophisticated, where the pattern is combined with graphic design. A unique, complete collection.

A sneak peek at what we will be seeing from 25th to 29th September at Cersaie in Bologna? Can you describe for us the collection you created for Cisa Ceramiche and, in general, your presence at the booth?

Within the Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti booth, there will be a space entirely dedicated to MOMODESIGN for the launch of MD_EDGE, where we have endeavoured to bring the whole line to life by inserting objects that represent the signature styles of our brand. To complete the collection we will present decorations made of technical materials, with defined, geometric lines and an interwoven mosaic for floors and walls that enhances the pattern of the entire MD_EDGE collection and will be available in all colours of the range.