Our Group and Environment

Since its foundation, Ceramiche Ricchetti Group has always strongly believed in its industrial growth being paired with sustainability. Its philosophy has been to reduce environmental impact to a minimum, by researching environmentally friendly products and employing eco-sustainable production processes. This has been achieved, for example, through a policy of investments aimed at controlling and reducing emissions, through the use of raw materials with low environmental impact and by adopting natural gas and systems that enable energy recovery and recycling of production waste. The important certifications and awards obtained at international level bear witness to this commitment.

The combination of the technical content of the product with the highly advanced technologies applied in the various production facilities ensures that the product marketed has the highest qualitative, as well as aesthetic, characteristics, deriving from careful selection of raw materials and based on the development of the latest production processes. The Group has considerably increased its R&D activities in recent years, focusing on the study and implementation of innovations in both processes and products.