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Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles

In conversation with brand Roberto Cavalli

Maison Roberto Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles: fashion meets design. What can you tell us about this evolution?

Roberto Cavalli is a true Fashion Luxury Lifestyle brand offering a full range of women’s, men’s and kids’ ready-towear, shoes, bags and leather goods, sports-, beach- and underwear as well as fragrances, eyewear, hospitality and last but not least home and interior products. The uniqueness of the products is always grounded in their materials, textures and surface design from printed patterns to elaborate embroideries. This deeply rooted design approach with the know-how of skilled craftsmanship is the success of Roberto Cavalli products and is perfectly reflected in the Roberto Cavalli tiles.

How did your collaboration with Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti start?
Roberto Cavalli, founder of the eponymous brand, had always a broader vision for his business and career, which included next to fashion many aspects such as design, architecture and interiors. From the early days he had a strong interest in expanding his artistic concept to the full range of home accessories and interior design. The first home products were launched in 2006 then finally the Roberto Cavalli Luxury Tiles were created in 2011 to complete the offer of home.

Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles and Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti: which are the common goals, strategy, vision and concept?

Both companies share the drive for excellence in products and the distinct vision for an elegant and timeless luxury world. Unified by the common goals of creating tiles and floor designs that stand out for their specific designs, this alliance reaches out to a global audience that seeks for a rich and opulent interior lifestyle.

Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles at Cersaie 2017 will present “Precious Wood” and “Natural”, with the “Monstera” and “Tropical” patterns. What can you tell us about these new items and their concepts?

All the new decorations for Cersaie 2017 are inspired by the Roberto Cavalli fashion world. The textile prints and embroideries used in clothing inspire “Precious Wood”, the strong references to nature are perfectly translated into the “Natural” collection. Representing the DNA of the maison, the “Monstera” and “Tropical” designs are an evolution of the tiles collection, which is always integrated into the world of Roberto Cavalli interiors.