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Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles 2017_Precious Wood

At Cersaie 2017, two hugely successful Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles collections for Ceramiche Ricchetti Group.

A celebration of the exclusive, sensual, glam style of the Florence fashion house, of which the two collections express the very essence: the prints and embroidery used on textiles provide the inspiration for “Precious Wood”, while for the “Natural” wall covering collection, the accent is on nature and the decorative art of Liberty style.

Precious Wood

The collection, inspired by an oak stave covered with a light fabric with a broad weft visible only against the light, comes in five colours (Oyster, Ink, Gold, Aqua Blu and Jungle) in the two sizes 20×120 cm and 26.5×180 cm, both with a natural finish.

The surface is enriched with glittering, shimmering, coloured reflections, and the range is enhanced with various types of decorations: a 20×20 cm heraldic logo featuring the signature of the designer in silver and gold versions, a Wild decoration in the 20×120 cm size on all colours and a mosaic that is also available in the 5 colours.


Known all over the world for the glam, carefully selected materials, original combinations and innovative techniques, Roberto Cavalli is one of the most renowned Italian luxury brands. Roberto Cavalli Home represents a new direction for the brand’s style, offering an innovative take on luxury, fashion & lifestyle, thanks to the collaboration with important partners for the development of different product areas.

“… A universe of objects, symbols, landscapes, flowers and stones, photographed over years of unbridled curiosity…I have always considered my fabrics first and then shaped them into my concept of fashion, and I’ve always thought of fabrics as prints, pictures of a world explored, covered and observed directly, in all its diversity and contrasts, its unexpected marvels….Everything appeals to me, everything interests me… things that might appear banal to many are for me a source of inspiration to create a world of colours, emotions and sensations, able to decorate and envelop a setting and bring a positive vibe to it …” (Roberto Cavalli Home).


Roberto Cavalli shifts from the world of fashion to the world of design, architecture and interior furnishings, applying his concept of style and art to a complete range of accessories for the home and interior furnishings. The project began to take shape in 2006, and the Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles collection made its debut in 2011. For his ceramic floor and wall coverings, Roberto Cavalli Home has chosen Ceramiche Ricchetti Group, and has so far created ten exclusive collections.

Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles and Ceramiche Ricchetti Group’s international customers are people looking for a rich, elegant, luxury lifestyle. They share the decision to propose top-quality products that stand out for their unique design. A coherent style and a deeply rooted approach to design, teamed with the finest craftmanship, are the secret of the success of Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles.