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Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti's Cersaie 2021

Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti from Tuesday 27 September to Friday 1 October 2021 will present its image which has been radically updated over the last two years to a live public, starting from the new exhibition area situated at hall 30, booth C70-D79.


Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles

Through the Cerdisa, Ricchetti and Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tile brands, and the GCR PROJECT Division recently created to serve the world of design, Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti will focus the attention of its visitors at Cersaie 2021 on two themes: From matter, to the product, to the project. and Earth = Health.

Both start from a manifesto of intent underpinning the entire GCR identity review process, based on an approach that aims at enhancing Quality with concrete and effective actions: it all starts from the Material as the source of inspiration, then revolves around the Product, its creation and development, and finally arrives at the Project as the final goal.

The entire exhibition that GCR will be presenting at Cersaie is a journey through these three phases (conception, production and application), both in the shared area and in the areas dedicated to single collections: Beton Design, Metal Design and Timestone for Cerdisa; Ease, Fresco and Golden Pure for Ricchetti; The Wild Spirit for Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles.

The arrangement of the booth has been conceived for allowing the People visiting it to get the most out of their visit, creating for them, their needs and their expectations, an ideal setting from an aesthetic, functional and sustainable point of view. This solution reflects all the fundamental characteristics of GCR ceramics.

Sustainability, both economic and environmental, as an essential element for the wellbeing of our planet and, therefore, of us that live on it, underpins the other theme of this Cersaie: Earth = Health.

The ceramic material is made from clay: it is therefore generated from the earth, its primordial matter. The industrial process transforming clay into the final product, on the other hand, is extremely careful to preserve our Earth, in terms of the elimination of polluting agents, of maximising energy saving and of conserving and reusing raw materials. The ceramic product can be defined, therefore, as eco-sustainable, both in the manufacturing phase and in the disposal phase. Furthermore, it's safe, hygienic and fireproof, because it safeguards the health of the people living every day inside their homes or in the places they frequent outside their homes.

In addition, the food that we will be offering to our guests will be prepared and served by Bibendum, the company taking part in the first circular and sustainable catering project in Italy: CEFF HUB (Circular Economy for Food HUB).

For Bibendum, eco-sustainability in the kitchen means making responsible choices that safeguard biodiversity, natural resources and people's health. As a result, it pays great attention in selecting raw materials and supply chain suppliers, with proposals linked exclusively to the seasonality of what the land has to offer, favouring a healthy approach and choosing varied and balanced menus. Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti’s Cersaie 2021 starts from the earth that evolves into ceramics to be used in constructions that contribute to the health of people and the planet.

Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti's Cersaie 2021 starts from the earth that evolves into ceramics to be used in constructions that contribute to the health of people and the planet

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