Solutions, by the designer's side

GCR Project represents the structure created by the Cerdisa Ricchetti Group to concretely respond to the operative needs of architects, interior designers, builders, contract manufacturers, and all the professional figures involved in the building design and construction process for the specific applications of ceramics, finding together the most suitable solutions for the project.

GCR Project, in fact, was born and is intended to serve as a technical support and partner oriented to the development of architectural projects to enhance the potential, function and importance of ceramic products as a choice of aesthetics, recognisability of the realisation and as an element of high technical value, thus becoming an integral part of contemporary construction systems.

Vision: an attentive, dynamic and tailor-made approach. Tailoring, availability, dedication and strong motivation to build relationships of trust and collaboration constitute the guidelines of this Division. The search for innovation, attention to detail and customisation are basic values for the development of building systems and for the promotion of ceramics in contemporary projects.


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