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Via di Vincenzo 23, L'Aquila

Arch. Pietro Farinosi

F.lli Barattelli srl

Antonio Di Cecco


Energy efficiency at the apartment building in Via Vincenzo 23: a sustainable transformation with Cerdisa's Blackboard collection

Today, the energy efficiency of buildings is crucial, given the increasing importance of environmental sustainability worldwide. The use of advanced technologies such as ventilated facades is key to reducing energy consumption and optimising resources. The apartment building at 23 Vincenzo Street in L'Aquila is a tangible example of this transformation.

Cerdisa's Blackboard Collection, in mud and white shades in the 60x120 format, played a central role in this metamorphosis. Used for the ventilated facade of the apartment building, it not only gave the building a modern and elegant look, but also contributed significantly to improving its thermal and acoustic insulation. This led to a tangible reduction in overall energy consumption, thus promoting a healthier and more sustainable environment for all inhabitants.