Höganäs has been part of the Cerdisa Ricchetti Group since 1995, continuing to distribute and market tiles and other ceramic materials


Skromberga Stenkols and Lerindustri AB was established back in 1886:
four tile factories, four pipe factories and a fire brick factory. Later, the company also began producing brick material for stairways and pavements. Later, in 1904, Skromberga was taken over by Höganäs Billesholm; from 1907 to 1950 Höganäs Billesholm was one of the most active companies in Sweden, growing from 1,000 to 2,000 employees

In 1985 Höganäs was sold to the Finnish company Partek. Skromberga became Partek Höganäs and finally, in 1990, when it was sold to United Tiles, it became CC Höganäs Byggkeramik AB, where CC stands for Ceramic Collection.
In 1995 Höganäs became part of Cisa Cerdisa, which would later become Gruppo Ceramiche Ricchetti, and continued to distribute and market tiles and other materials.

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