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Piazza Buenos Aires 15, Roma

Interior Designer Andrea Castrignano

Interior Designer Andrea Castrignano


Studio Andrea Castrignano

Restyling of a flat in piazza Buenos Aires in Rome by Studio Andrea Castrignano

In the heart of Rome, one of the world centres of luxury and design, Studio Andrea Castrignano has signed the restyling of a flat that embodies elegance and refinement in every detail.
Thanks to the skilful use of porcelain stoneware from Ricchetti's Golden Pure collection, this space has been transformed into an environment of exclusive contemporary luxury.
The Golden Pure collection was chosen for its golden reflections that accentuate the veining of rare and precious marble, masterfully recreated in ceramic. The collection, set in this context, transforms the interior into a place enveloped in timeless elegance, perfect for exclusive settings.

In the main bathroom, the use of Sodalite-coloured porcelain stoneware illuminated by soft, direct lighting on the wall tiles further accentuates the beauty of this shade, creating an enveloping and luxurious atmosphere.
The Covelano Vena Oro and Sodalite coloured stoneware used for the floor add a touch of sophistication to the room, emphasising the opulence of the interior. 

While in the secondary bathroom, the Oxford Grey colour gives an aura of classicism and simplicity, while maintaining an unmistakable style. 
In conclusion, this renovation and restyling is an extraordinary example of how high quality porcelain stoneware can transform rooms, creating a unique and refined space.