Fuorisalone 2023, Milano

18th Apr - 23rd Apr, 2023

Milan Design Week 2023 took place from April 17 to 23, and Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti presented the Material Design Tour/23 with three stages focused on Product.

A Fuorisalone full of events, installations, moments to share. A lot. So many people everywhere, eager to get back into the most contemporary Milanese week and at the same time an anticipator of upcoming trends of the year. A new use, a new gesture or even just a new thought. Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti's collections fit in, fully immersed in this context filled with creativity, inviting visitors to a reflection, a new thought regarding how ceramic surfaces can be created.

Our Material Design Tour/23 took place through three stages:

  • the small cloister of the Church of San Marco in Brera, which hosted dOT - design Outdoor Taste;
  • the Atelier del Design, new Studio Andrea Castrignano in Piazza del Tricolore 3;
  • the Roberto Cavalli Boutique in via Montenapoleone 6.

dOT: the setting created with EC1/22

The most anticipated event dedicated to outdoor design & living in the days of Fuorisalone 2023, within the official circuit of the Brera Design District. The ultimate display of outdoor living in one of Milan's most iconic locations: the churchyard and cloisters of St. Mark's Church. A historic and fascinating place in the heart of the city that changed its face for a week, becoming the most charming and convivial outdoor living room for operators and lovers of outdoor design & lifestyle.

In this setting, more precisely inside the Chiostro Piccolo, was the set design using Cerdisa's EC1/22 in both glued raised floor and wall covering. In addition to EC1/22, Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti repurposed other must-have collections such as Cerdisa's Archisalt and Metal Design and Ricchetti's Ease/22

dOT - design Outdoor Taste was also an opportunity to get to know GCR Project, the Division dedicated to the design world, and discover the Group's latest news thanks to GCR Press and Taconline. A must-visit at Fuorisalone 2023 that, in the sign of continuity between indoor and outdoor, became an expression of experimentation and formal, aesthetic and material hybridizations.

The Design Atelier and the key role of the latest GCR collections

In Milan's Piazza Tricolore, sartorial design has found a home. "Atelier del Design" is Andrea Castrignano's new project inaugurated on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023. An important space, and owned by the company, covering an area of 500 square meters and entirely dedicated to interior design and the home industry, declined in that tailor-made concept that has distinguished Castrignano's design philosophy for several years.

The "Atelier del Design" is a place dedicated to the uniqueness and excellence of Italian style. The house conceived as a dress to wear: it is no coincidence that Castrignano chose the word "atelier" to define this new space, in which every detail is taken care of and made with sartorial care. In this space coexist four souls that tell the designer's professional path: the interior design studio, the sample house made in collaboration with partner companies, the video production house and the material library that collects, as in a precious casket, the materials and finishes with which Castrignano is used to customize each project. In the realization of the sample house, Castrignano wanted by his side important companies in the industry, which embraced his creativity and innovation in the field of design: it is in this context that Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti was included as a partner.

Cerdisa's EC1/22 was chosen for some of the rooms in the sample house and at the design studio, while a vast display with all the latest collections was placed inside the material library, a true GCR corner shop in the heart of Milan.

Roberto Cavalli Boutique for The Wild Spirit

Roberto Cavalli's splendid boutique, located in Via Montenapoleone 6, the back of which overlooks the historic Via Bagutta, saw the exhibition of a selection of The Wild Spirit, the latest collection by Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury Tiles, a tangible expression of the fluid and pop spirit embraced by designer Fausto Puglisi. A true global fashion store of five floors to bring together all the Maison's collections, where The Wild Spirit was placed to enrich the visual merchandising of the windows on Via Bagutta and was exploited as the top of the elegant indoor/outdoor tables displayed inside the Boutique. Small tables also showcased in the exhibition space at the Salone del Mobile in the same bright interpretation in Clay Light.

Material Design Tour/23 was a synergistic experience, a cultural hub where creatives, designers, and visitors simply attracted to beautiful things met, dialogued, and brought about magnificent interactions.

Because Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti generaTES A desiRE, SHARING A DREAM.