GCR Experience

25th Sep - 29th Sep, 2023


During the latest edition of Cersaie held in Bologna from September 25th to 29th, the SYN concept presented by GCR attracted thousands of visitors to experience an engaging showcase featuring the new collections from Cerdisa, Ricchetti, and GCR Experiments.


With SYN, the Gruppo Cerdisa Ricchetti introduced a project characterized by a high interplay of colors, surfaces, and sensations. It was an ambitious project intentionally focused on materiality, devoid of any visual support other than its own essence. The product was placed at the center of the exhibition space as the unique protagonist. The collections were harmoniously displayed, demonstrating that they had been designed from the start to coexist and create a unified environment, rich in synchrony and synthesis. This synthesis is expressed in the noble concept of "NATURA SINTETICA" (Synthetic Nature), as GCR collections aim not to be mere copies of what already exists in the natural world; they may draw inspiration from it, but they aspire to go beyond, incorporating chemistry, technology, and human ingenuity, with industrial scalability.




The Materialization of SYN in Fluids and Pearls by GCR Experiments

The concept of "NATURA SINTETICA" was materialized in the Fluids and Pearls collections, with the latter being presented as a 2024 product preview. These collections aimed to push ceramic surfaces beyond conventional stereotypes, attempting to recreate the effects of real elements, such as air and water, in ceramic form. Fluids used Artificial Intelligence to model shapes inspired by artistically elaborated ink patterns, reminiscent of liquid crystals' iconography. It was presented in a large format with perfectly rectified edges, enhancing its mirror-like surface.

Pearls took poetic inspiration from the sky and its changing colors based on the weather. At Cersaie 2023, the "Clear Sky" color was showcased in the brand-new Honed surface, which is matte, silky, and designed to gently capture light reflections and transparencies like a painting. This was an exclusive preview ahead of its official launch in 2024.

Cerdisa's Archistone 2, Wood Design, and Archimarble 2

Archistone 2 is a versatile collection featuring seven natural stone effects and Cross surface designs in large formats. It offers perfect modularity with numerous stone-like variations and complementary surfaces: Bourgogne d'Or, Munia Light, Navona, Portland, Negresco, Basaltina, and Meta Grey. The Cross surface, with innovative nano-granules, provides slip resistance, a soft touch, and ease of cleaning, ensuring visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces with a single product.

Wood Design replicates the continuous and sinuous graphic movements of American walnut in the 26,5x180 and 20x120 formats, available in Light, Blonde, and Dark color variations. The rich graphic movement and numerous balanced color gradients within the same ceramic panel create a perfect harmony of distinct elements. It also includes the Cross surface in the Blonde color, suitable for residential settings and spaces requiring R11 C certification.

Archimarble 2 offers three elegant and refined marble effects spanning from white to black, available in Soft finish, achieved through a special glaze and a light final brushing for a smoother touch, and Honed finish, an extremely smooth and technical matte lappato surface. The collection is developed in large modular formats with perfect rectification.

Ricchetti's Fireclay and Retro Pure

Fireclay features a textured terracotta effect with a three-dimensional surface structure, rectified edges, and precise format modularity. It also incorporates an innovative surface finish, Cross, available in beige and red. The contemporary color tones deviate from the usual classic palette, providing the series with a modern aesthetic suitable for contemporary architectural designs.

Retro Pure is not a marble effect, nor a concrete effect; it is a pure invention. This sculptural material comes in ivory, crystal, and chalk colors, combining marble veins with concrete speckles on a surface that appears handcrafted, weathered, and antiqued. Its large format design enhances the T2D product plus, providing a three-dimensional tactile feel with varying levels of glossiness based on light refraction.