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Emäkosken koulu - Ruskeepäänkatu 30 37120 Nokia - Finland

Arkkitehtipalvelu Oy

Mikko Inkinen, per Pukkila


The Emäkoski school is located near the centre of Nokia and is structured to accommodate about 500 students.

In the project carried out for the Emäkoski Middle School, stoneware is located in the service areas, such as bathrooms and changing rooms, in the areas dedicated to the canteen, kitchens and common rooms, and in the classroom-laboratories; it seems almost a purely functional element linked to the hygiene of the environments, but here is where design comes into play: the wide availability of formats and colours of Cinca stoneware allows each individual environment to be characterised with very different colours: yellows, reds, greens, different shades of grey. 

Each environment is distinctly recognisable and, with regards particularly to the canteen areas, the idea is to resemble more a home rather than a collective building. The warmth of ceramics and its origin linked to domestic functions make it perfect for covering environments to be lived in daily, where everyone, especially the youngest, can feel "at home".